How to Embed a Keynote or PowerPoint into a blog

I have been searching the web for the answer to this question, “How can I embed my Keynote in a format that is clickable into my blog?” I want viewers to see and click through my presentation and I don’t want to create a Slideshare account. I finally found a WordPress support document that describes how to embed a Google Presentation into a blog, but there was no video. So, I decided to create a video tutorial that describes how to take a Keynote (Apple’s PowerPoint equivalent) or a PowerPoint, convert it to a Google Presentation and put in a blog.

Let mew know what you think.



33 thoughts on “How to Embed a Keynote or PowerPoint into a blog

  1. Thank you. Your presentation was most helpful.

      • I found your post after searching for a long time for this solution. Thank you. It was extremely helpful and simple to follow. But, I can’t update the published slide show. And, when I go back to publish on web in file menu, it is greyed and no automatic update button is seen. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this presentation, very neatly given…it was very useful!

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  6. OMG… After HOURS of searching for a solution to this issue, I found your video. This is EXACTLY what I needed and I couldn’t be happier. THANK YOU, SIR!

  7. Awesome! Thanks for this!

  8. Hello. Thank you for posting this! I’m curious if it is possible to embed a presentation saved as HTML to a word press blog done in keynote? I need my presentation to be clickable throughout as opposed to moving from slide to slide. Do I have to use something like slide share…….

  9. very well done and helpful, thanks.

  10. Thanks for posting this – very useful.

  11. This doesn’t work on iPad since it’s Flash, and some of my transitions didn’t migrate over.

  12. If you update your presentation in Keynote (iCloud), will it automatically update the keynote presentation that you post on your wordpress or not?

  13. Really appreciate you posting this! Extremely helpful!

  14. I seem to be having a hard time with this. After I left a comment above about not my google drive slide show not updating, I also find that after I paste the link to embed it in wordpress, it appears and stays in wordpress till I press the preview button when it disappears or until I edit the rest of the text in the post I am trying to embed it into. Any idea of what is wrong? Thanks.

    • Hi, I am not 100 percent sure what’s going. I would double check that your slide show is set to be shared publicly in Google Drive.

      I also found this link from WordPress that might also help. It’s a little more current that my post is.

      I really do have to update this…

      • thanks for your reply. I ended up having to link to it rather than embed it. I think the server at school hosting the wordpress blog had a 2mb limit for embedding; but still not sure if that was the issue as I thought the slide show was much less. I will check the settings on google drive but I think it was set to public. Again, I appreciate your feedback and tutorial.

      • Sure thing! If you are running a hosted version of WordPress it should be even easier to embed a YouTube video. There are several plugins that your administrator can install that might be helpful. This link might help –

        Good luck and let me know if I can help.

  15. If the Keynote file is in iCloud, you can visit the presentation at, choose the person icon on the top (right-ish, near the wrench), and set the sharing options to that anyone with the link can access it (not edit it!).

    Then just copy and paste the presentation’s URL (e.g.[hash]#[title]) in the editor. It’ll automatically embed a pretty embed.

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