iPad Apps in the Science Classroom NSTA Presentation

At this years NSTA conference in Indianapolis, I co-presented with colleague and Allendale Columbia School science teacher, Beth Guzzetta. Our topic was iPad Apps in the Science classroom. The presentation focused on how Beth has used a variety of apps with her students. The apps and tools Beth has used were researched and tested by me before we implemented them into classroom. There are a few reasons why I feel our presentation was authentic and helpful to teachers. The first, Beth is a classroom teacher. She is the person using and innovating with the iPads in her classroom. We were not sharing hypothetical situations. We shared real projects with apps her students are using right now in her classroom. The second, only a handful of the apps we presented were specific to the science classroom. I firmly believe that you get more bang for your buck when you purchase apps that can be used by more than just one discipline. The projects that Beth created for her class allowed the students to choose from a variety of apps in order to present information to the class. They researched, created, and presented to their peers.

The complete list of resources from our presentation are available on Beth Guzzetta’s website. or http://guzzetta.allendalecolumbia.org/nsta

Below is a short video of our students talking about how they used their iPads in the classroom.

Special Thanks to Beth Guzzetta for being willing to try just about anything I suggest!


Awesome post from Allendale Columbia Biology Teacher, Dr. Julie Thompson. Her post highlights the use of presentation tool Prezi and how she has used it with her students.

If you are searching for presentation software that goes beyond the basics, Prezi may be just what you are looking for.  I am so drawn to both its visual appeal and its organizational features.  It is less linear than PowerPoint or Keynote, and my first attempt at using Prezi reminded me of concept mapping.  I felt forced (in a good way) to consider how my ideas were related, rather than marching through my thoughts in a typical straightforward progression.

Prezi was created by an architect, who found a zoomable interface useful for his work since it enabled him to look at both “the big picture overview of a floorplan and then zoom into the details of individual rooms.”  Now, this zoom feature is available to us all. It is possible to visualize the overall organization of your presentation and then to zoom into more detailed points.  It is simply…

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