Tech Tuesday 12.17.13 – Canvas a Learning Management System (LMS)

We are currently investigating different Learning Management Systems (LMSs)  at Allendale Columbia School. The goal it to pilot one in our middle school next school year with school wide adoption during the following year. Many of our middle school teachers have been using the free version an LMS called Canvas this year. The free version of Canvas is not a scaled back version of the product it is the full complete LMS. The paid version provides district administrative functions for managing an entire school of users. You also get some branding controls.

Here is a link to the Canvas YouTube Channel. You can find examples of cool things that other schools and teachers are doing with Canvas.

Brett Eckelson, Canvas K12 Account Manager, provided a short overview and answered questions for our faculty last Thursday via webinar. He also shared some resources for our anyone interested in learning more about getting started with the free version of Canvas. Here are the links he provided.

Up next we will be looking at Haiku Learning.

What LMSs have you tried? What are important features that you would like to see in an LMS? Click here  “What is an LMS” overview video.

How to Embed a Keynote or PowerPoint into a blog

I have been searching the web for the answer to this question, “How can I embed my Keynote in a format that is clickable into my blog?” I want viewers to see and click through my presentation and I don’t want to create a Slideshare account. I finally found a WordPress support document that describes how to embed a Google Presentation into a blog, but there was no video. So, I decided to create a video tutorial that describes how to take a Keynote (Apple’s PowerPoint equivalent) or a PowerPoint, convert it to a Google Presentation and put in a blog.

Let mew know what you think.