Student Examples of HDR Photography

This past week I was invited to observe our Upper School Photography classes in action as they worked through HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography projects. A simplified explanation of HDR photography is combining multiple photos with a range in exposures to give the greatest range of light, medium and dark tones in the final image. Photography is done with a technique called bracketing. The process is best described in more detail in these links, HDR Photography Explained and A Brief Explanation of HDR Photography. Students were encouraged to take 6 or more exposures of each image. Photoshop does all of the heavy lifting, lining up the photos and discarding all unnecessary data. Images done this way offer a much truer look and feel, almost as if you were seeing the picture without the natural degradation of a camera. Students were encouraged to further tweak the image using the presets or customizing the image within Photoshop. Through Adobe TV students watched HDR tutorials to give them additional information before starting the project. The results are stunning! Enjoy the photos.

Special thanks to Ms. Lori Wun, Chair of the Art Department, and to her Upper School Digital Photography classes.