Tech Tuesday 2.18.14 – Some things to do over February Break

This post was originally published 4.02.13. I made a few slight updates. Enjoy!

Have some extra time over break? Yeah right. Well, just in case you do, here are some ideas.

Review our Tech Tuesday blog posts:

Watch a TED Talk or two:

Think of ways to change 20%  of what you do in the classroom using concepts from PD Day:

Watch this video: Did You Know? Shift Happens 2013 – 2014 / Higher Education

Have a great Break!


Tech Tuesday – 10/29/13 – Socrative

We have been using an app in our Digital Literacy class called Socrative. It’s a simple to use student response system that works with any web enabled device. So, you don’t need an app in order to take advantage of Socrative. You can simply have your students go to on any computer, smartphone or tablet and you are in business. Socrative will also email you a spreadsheet of the responses when you are done with a specific activity. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.

Here is a short overview video that will show you how Socrative works.

As always, please let me know if you have  any questions or suggestions.

Tech Tuesday – 10.08.13 Connected Educators Month (CEM)

Edutopia is one of the best resources for educators. They have put together a great page of Connected Educators Resources.

Resources for Connected Educator Month 2013 | Edutopia.

I hope you find it as useful as I did. Check out Connected The have a great tool for helping you connect to other educators called edConnectr.

Still not sure what it means to be “Connected”. Watch the video below.

Tech Tuesday – 10.01.13 – Connected Educators Month (CEM)

Sorry, I am publishing this a day early.

October 2013 is Connected Educators Month. It’s a chance for us to start connecting with other educators around the world!

Below are some great places to start if you haven’t already. If you already consider yourself “connected”, make sure you spread the word about how being connected has helped you as an educator!

If you aren’t sure what it means to be a “Connected Educator”, watch this short video for an overview.

CEM – Connected Educators Month – Resources

Tech Tuesday 4.16.13

Here is a short video with some simple keyboard shortcuts that you can use on your Mac. Not only are they simple, but I think they will help you improve your productivity! Let me know what you think. If you have a favorite shortcut that you use let me know.

You can also check out these two links: