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I just wanted to take a moment to recognize my fellow Allendale Columbia School bloggers. These are the teachers who are reflecting, writing, and sharing what is happening in their classroom with the world. It takes a brave soul to put yourself out there into that big crazy world called the web. It takes an even braver soul to share your work, practice, classroom, lessons, and reflections. I look around at what is happening in my fellow teachers classrooms and wish that each one of them had a blog.

Señora Brown (@lindseybbrown)
She presented at this weeks Tech Tuesday about her use of the blog as a classroom tool. I really enjoyed hearing about her use of the blog to (unintentionally) teach. She assigns a project for Spanish pronouns, which she explains better than I could…

Students in sexto learned hand motions to remind them of the meanings of Spanish…

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Awesome post from Allendale Columbia Biology Teacher, Dr. Julie Thompson. Her post highlights the use of presentation tool Prezi and how she has used it with her students.

If you are searching for presentation software that goes beyond the basics, Prezi may be just what you are looking for.  I am so drawn to both its visual appeal and its organizational features.  It is less linear than PowerPoint or Keynote, and my first attempt at using Prezi reminded me of concept mapping.  I felt forced (in a good way) to consider how my ideas were related, rather than marching through my thoughts in a typical straightforward progression.

Prezi was created by an architect, who found a zoomable interface useful for his work since it enabled him to look at both “the big picture overview of a floorplan and then zoom into the details of individual rooms.”  Now, this zoom feature is available to us all. It is possible to visualize the overall organization of your presentation and then to zoom into more detailed points.  It is simply…

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Guest Blog, with Dr. Julie C. Thompson, Biology Teacher at Allendale Columbia School

One of my goals every year is to attempt to get teachers more connected with the outside world and create a PLN (Personal Learning Network). I really like this Will Richardson, @willrich45, video and how he describes the importance of a PLN.

Creating a PLN, in my opinion, is the ultimate way to personalize professional growth. I am including a link to a blog post by Allendale Columbia School Biology Teacher, Dr. Julie C. Thompson. Julie details the “Upgrades” to her teaching and how she came to realize the importance of connecting to the world outside of her classroom. I am very impressed with her willingness to look beyond what she has always done and begin to “Upgrade” her classroom environment. Kudos to Dr. Thompson!

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