Tech Tuesday 4.8.14 – What Do You Want Kids to Do With Technology?

I stumbled upon the following image on Twitter the other day and I was impressed with its simplicity. Too often, technology use is viewed as a learning outcome, when it is really just a means to an end, a tool. Technology can be transformative for learning and engagement, but don’t lose sight of your curricular objectives.

So, ask yourself… what do you want kids to do with technology? If your ideas are only on the left hand side of the image below, you need to rethink how you are utilizing technology in your curriculum.

This image was created and shared by William Ferriter.

12 Days of App-mas: Duolingo

In the spirit of the holidays we will bring you 12 Days of App-mas. Each day we will offer an app for education. We will  offer suggestions for how the app can be used in a class. Comment with ways you have used these apps.

App: Duolingo Download from the App Store
Cost: Free
Description: Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Totally fun. Totally free.

I have used this at home with my daughters and they both enjoy playing the “games” while learning. We have introduced the app for students in both middle and lower school as a supplement to their classwork. Students can learn at their own pace and move ahead by testing out of the different sections. Duolingo also supports Google Apps For Education so our students can use their school email to create an account.

Spring Break Day 4

Today I watched the TED Talk, “Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?” by Brian Goldman. I love this talk! It applies to all learning in every discipline. Doctors aren’t the only people who make mistakes. We all do! Teachers and students do all the time. Instead of using mistakes as a way to learn, we penalize students by making everything about a grade. Why is failure and the process of learning from failure not an option? How can we make failure a safe place for people to learn? Can people learn without experiencing failure?

Please share answers, comments and questions.