Tech Tuesday 2.11.14 – How to get the most out of Google Calendar

We are a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school, and we have been for about 4 years. As a school, we have not yet tapped into the power and convenience that GAFE provides. One of the most common untapped resources is the calendar. There is nothing more annoying than emailing 4 people and trying to find a common meeting time. You proceed to “reply all” to the email until choices are narrowed down. There is a much more simple and elegant solution to this problem. Use Google Calendar for everything. Enter your class schedule, enter your appointments, create potential appointments and meetings for others. We should also be using this with our students. Some classroom teachers do utilize Google Calendar and create a class homework/project calendar. Watch the short videos below for some ways to incorporate Google Calendar into your everyday workflow.

How can we utilize Google Calendar better with our students?


3 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday 2.11.14 – How to get the most out of Google Calendar

  1. I have always preferred Google Calendar over iCal. However, the one helpful hint I will suggest is to use iCal to copy and paste events. Google Calendar only allows you to duplicate events which can be tedious. Using iCal to quickly copy (command + C) and paste (command + V) events on our six day cycle makes my life easier!

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