Tech Tuesday – 11.19.13 Personal Learning Networks: Why and How?

On Sunday, 11.24.13, I am presenting on how to create and manage a Personal Learning Network (PLN) with Amy Oliveri at NYSCATE.  I firmly believe that you can’t continue to teach and be relevant without some sort of a PLN. The amount of information available is truly transformative for educators. You are doing yourself and your students a disservice by not investing some time and energy into creating a PLN. Here is why,

  • It’s personal to you.
    Your PLN is made up of information and people that have meaning to you and to what you do.
  • It’s free.
    It costs you and your school or district nothing.
  • It’s available when you are.
    No scheduling issues to contend with EVER.

Think of your PLN like a phenomenal conference that is always relevant, continually evolving, and growing.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for creating and sharing a phenomenal guide for helping teachers create a PLN.
The Best Guides For Helping Teachers Develop Personal Learning Networks

Happy creating! If you have questions about PLNs or you have some great resources in your PLN please share here in the comments section!

Still not sure what a PLN is? Watch the video below.

Please use the hashtag #pln4ed to share relevant PLN information .


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