Inspiration From EdCamp Philly

I was able to attend EdCamp Philly on May, 18th. It was a great day full of positive energy. In my opinion, the EdCamp format is the best way for educators to get a personalized and meaningful professional development experience. To quote EdCamp board member Kristen Swanson, EdCamp is “the all you can eat sundae bar for PD”.

The first session I attended was called “Choose Kind Online.” I was excited because I was currently working on a presentation for our middle school students with AC Librarian, Judy VanAlstyne, about online presence and digital footprints. The leader of the discussion was Ellen Zschunke from Pinewood Elementary School in Pennsylvania. After the session, I immediately tweeted to Judy that I had an idea for our presentation.

After some serious collaboration with Judy. We created the “Common Craft” style video below called “THINK”. Special thanks to Ellen for the inspiration! Make sure to check out Ellen’s blog and Digital Footprint Symbaloo!


6 thoughts on “Inspiration From EdCamp Philly

  1. This video was amazing. LOVED IT.

  2. Tony and Judy,
    Your video was thoughtful, very useful and cute. Good work. I like working with people at Allendale Columbia and their bald boss.

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