Tech Tuesday 3.19.13

Whether you are new to Twitter or you have been using it for a while, finding relevant people to follow can be a challenge. Here are some resources and suggestions to help you find people you can follow.


3 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday 3.19.13

  1. Tony,

    This is a great intro blog to Twitter for the AC community and thanks for sharing these lists of quality tweeting educators. Perhaps another good idea for those new to Twitter is to create lists based on either professional or industry-related jobs. For instance, those that have a lot of followers and strong connections with science professionals, should create a list, “Science Educators,” or something similar and add followers accordingly to that list.

    It’s better to do this when just starting out on Twitter instead of going through several hundreds of followers later which becomes very meticulous and overwhelming. Adding people to lists increases the chance for interaction, provides organization of twitter feeds and also provides a sense of “purpose” when those Tweeps that you add to a list see that they have been added to someone else’s list.

    Thanks again,

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