Tech Tuesday 2.26.13

This is the second edition of a weekly paper/blog newsletter that will provide you with technology tips and tricks. Please comment and give us feedback for future topics.

This week we are focusing on blogging/classroom websites

  •  If you are looking to start a blog or website about your classroom we have a recommendation… Use WordPress
  • Go to the site
  • Click “Get Started”
  • Enter your email, create a username and password, then name your blog (you can always change it later)
  • Opt for the basic account
  • You are now ready to start blogging

Wondering why blog? What are the benefits? Check out these two posts What’s the big deal about Blogging? by Tom Whitby and Making Your Digital Presence Relevant by Tony Tepedino

Here is a list of current AC Blogger:

Next week: How to change your Gmail background image


2 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday 2.26.13

  1. This looks great!

    But for lower school teachers, I’d like to add that WordPress does not work if you want lower school students to blog WITH you, since it requires e-mail addresses for contributors. I’ve been using EduBlogs for that reason (even though I’d rather be using WordPress). I believe Stephanie DP has also been using it. However, I’m not sure I would recommend it. It’s not that easy for younger students.

    Does anyone have a no-email-required blogging platform to recommend?

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