A Google Hangout with the Kindergarten

Our two kindergarten classes are currently studying the Arctic and Antarctic. Students posted questions on a bulletin board in their classroom and we have been working together to find answers.

I introduced the kindergarten to the concept of doing research. I am calling it “guided research.” We are using the resources we have available through our library. Thanks to AC Librarian, Judy VanAlstyne, there is an excellent selection of kid friendly online encyclopedias available for us to use.

Kid Friendly encyclopedias:

I wasn’t able to make it in to school one day this week, so I decided to work from home. I checked to see  if AC kindergarten teacher, Amy Mealey, who I collaborate with regularly, would be willing to try an experiment.  I wanted to continue to work with her class by using a Google Hangout.

The lesson went pretty well. The kids were able to ask questions and I was able to show them my screen as we did our research. Classroom management was a bit hard from a computer screen, but the kids seemed to have fun. I would absolutely do this again and recommend it to anyone who is in a similar situation.

Here is a short clip of what it looked like. Unfortunately the audio didn’t record due the fact that Jing only records the microphone input. I plan to test out ScreenFlow4 for future screen recordings. Look for a post about it sometime in the next few weeks.  Sorry, the audio didn’t record.

As always, questions, thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated.


2 thoughts on “A Google Hangout with the Kindergarten

  1. Have you tried using QuickTime for screen recordings? It allows you to use the built-in mic….

    • I have tried it, but I am not sure it let’s you choose multiple sources for recording audio. I needed to record the sound from the computer as well as the built in mic. Jing would only do one. I will try QuickTime. Thanks for the suggestion Martijn!

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