Amy Oliveri Receives Early Career Award in Art Education

On February 1st, 2013, Allendale Columbia Middle School Art Teacher, Amy Oliveri, was awarded with the Early Career Award by the RIT School of Art for her excellence in teaching.

This is short video of Amy working on a self portrait using colored pencils.

When I was first introduced to Amy, she was described as being techy. And she was! We hit it off right away. However, Amy is far more than just a techy, art teacher. She is an excellent planner, facilitator, teacher and artist. I have seen her teach and interact with students. There is a tremendous amount of mutual respect in her classroom. Her students are engaged and well behaved. Students ask questions and work to push themselves to impress her. Amy is the type of teacher that expects her students to work hard and do well. From my perspective as a colleague, I feel the same way when I work with her.  I want whatever I am working on to be that much better because I know she has such high expectations. I know that I have learned far more from her than she has learned from me. Amy is in her third year at AC and she has an incredibly bright future. The Allendale Columbia School students, faculty and community are very lucky to have Mrs. Oliveri as a teacher, friend and mentor!

To get a better understanding of Amy’s passion for art and education, please check out her social media links.



5 thoughts on “Amy Oliveri Receives Early Career Award in Art Education

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    Thank you to Tony Tepedino for sharing the details of this award! I am honored to have been acknowledged for my work among 5 other teachers who I consider to be role models.

  2. What a wonderful honor for Amy! AC is fortunate to have such a gifted teacher!

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    Congratulations to Amy Oliveri!

  4. Congratulations, Amy! I want to soak up your talents. Thanks for all you do to support your students, colleagues, and the entire ACS community!

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