Apps We Are Using In Our MS iPad Program

We are in year two of our iPad program at Allendale Columbia School. Currently, all students in grades 6 through 9 are given an iPad.

Huge thanks to Rob Doran, Math and Computer Science teacher, for compiling the list and summarizing each app.

Pages –  Our almost-full-featured word processor (think Word for iPad)
Numbers –  Our spreadsheet program for us number-inclined folks (think Excel for iPad)
Keynote –  Our main presentation program (think PowerPoint for iPad)
iMovie –  A video editing that lets students create some great videos, add music, sound effects, etc
Notability –  This is our new note-taking and pdf-editing app.  Much easier to use than Notetaker HD, and just as fully-featured
Animation Creator HD –  A nice way for students to create hand-made animations
GarageBand –  A powerful music creation app
iBooks –  For keeping digital books and can be used to store .pdf files as well
Google Earth –  Useful for any map or geographical studies (not for directions though)
Scan –  used for scanning QR codes (those square pixely-looking graphics you’ve seen around and in most modern ads)
Box –  An app providing quick and easy access to their folders
CalenMob –  This app allows students an easier access to all of the google calendars they have subscribed to in one place
Doodle Buddy –  a good digital whiteboard app that allows students to…well…doodle!
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard –  a really cool whiteboard app that also allows students to record what they are drawing in real time and record their voices along with it.  Can also add pictures to their whiteboard videos
Explain Everything (only 7th grade) –  Allows students to create video presentations, and import pictures, pdfs, and keynote files.
Brain Pop –  allows iPad viewing of “featured videos” that are selected periodically
Free Graphing Calculator – a very good graphing calculator (also has a nice scientific calculator)
PowerOne Scientific Calculator –  a nice scientific calculator that also has some really good unit conversion tools as well
Sketchpad Explorer –  a dynamic geometry app that allows the free form manipulation of geometric objects
Mad Math Lite –  a nice integer operations app (used briefly in my 7th grade class) students not in that class can delete it
Comic Book (6th grade only) –  an app that allows students to make their own comic book
Dictamus Free –  a dictation app allowing students to make their own recordings
Learn French MindSnacks –  a great app for french classes, non french students can delete it
Flashcards+ –  a great app allowing students to make sets of digital flashcards, and download a ton of pre-made ones
Dictionary –  a great free dictionary app –  another free dictionary app powered by the website of the same name
Canvas –  Canvas is an online LMS (or Learning Management System). It is similar in style to Edmodo. It allows students to access assignments online, participate in discussions, and hand in work (as well as receive grades and feedback). Canvas write up by Amy Oliveri, AC Art Teacher@artwitholiveri

Questions and comments are always appreciated.


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