My Favorite Talk From Tedx Rochester

This year I attended Tedx Rochester and it was amazing! I know that in the past I have taken for granted all of the awesome happenings that go on, in and around Rochester, NY. However, the TEDx Rochester event was eye opening for me. Dr. Mark Noble’s talk was, in my opinion, the most inspiring. Dr. Noble is a Professor of Genetics and of Neurobiology and Anatomy  at the University of Rochester. In his talk he discuses the research his lab is conducting on stem cells and the potential breakthroughs with implications in all areas of epidemiology. Thanks to TEDxRochester publishing all of the videos from the conference I now have a chance to share it with as many people as I can. Clear your schedule, sit down, and take the time to watch his 17 minute presentation. You will not regret it.

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Talk From Tedx Rochester

  1. As a science geek, getting the license to do TEDxRochester was just a great excuse to go poke around the labs at UR & RIT and see what kinds of cool things were going on in our town. I had NO idea the depth of it all, though! Mark’s a great guy and I have no doubt he will be responsible for adding another 10-15 years to the lives of my daughters.

    Thanks for the positive review!

    • It really was mind boggling to hear what’s going on in his labs. I have a student that is doing some summer research in a lab at UR. I am hoping to weasel my way in for a little visit. Thanks for posting the videos and organizing a fantastic day! Looking forward to next year for sure.

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