Redefining literacy

I love this post, Redefining Literacy, written by Allendale Columbia School colleague Dr. Julie Thompson and how she is “redefining” her classroom!

Recently, our school’s Director of Curricular Technology, Tony Tepedino, directed my attention to Will Richardson’s post, “My Kids Are Illiterate.  Most Likely, Yours Are Too.”  In the post, Richardson points out that even good schools are not making the grade when it comes to student literacy.  How can students graduate from strong schools and still be illiterate?  Richardson notes that “learning and literacy are absolutely shifting, and that means that the roles of schools and teachers are going to have to shift as well.”  Thus, educators must have a good grasp of what literacy actually is in the 21st century.  Furthermore, educators themselves need to attain this kind of modern literacy.

Richardson cites “The Definitions of 21st Century Literacies” published by The National Council of Teachers of English, which states that to become literate, students must:

  1. Develop proficiency with the tools of technology
  2. Build relationships with others…

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