An Interview With Martha Bjorklund

Awesome interview with Allendale Columbia School, Enrichment Specialist, Martha Bjorklund, by Amy Bonner


I am honored to introduce Martha Bjorklund to the blog-o-sphere! She works as our Enrichment Specialist in Lower School at Allendale Columbia School. We have been planning a collaboration for about a month now. On Monday I had the pleasure of filming and photographing the work of her First Grade enrichment students as they read, illustrated, and acted out a play about being active and healthy.

ArtwithmsB: Will you tell my audience about your role as the Enrichment Specialist?

Mrs. Bjorklund:  I work with teachers and students from Nursery to Fifth Grade in the Lower School.  I write curriculum to support classroom projects, and I work with lots of students daily on a variety of topics.

ArtwithmsB: What kinds of opportunities have you had this year in your new role?

Mrs. Bjorklund: I have had many great opportunities this year doing a variety of projects…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog!

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