Tech. Tuesday’s at Allendale Columbia School

Recently at Allendale Columbia School, in Rochester, NY, we started hosting bi-weekly Tech. Tuesday presentations for our faculty and staff delivered by our faculty and staff. The concept is to promote the technology use currently going on within our school building. There are three reasons for this. First, for teachers to see how their colleagues are using technology. Second, to build momentum and get other less tech. savvy teachers interested in using technology in their classroom (the snowball affect). Third, just to get our faculty sharing about what is going on within the walls of our school. Presenters will  use a style called “Ingite”. Using this format, presenters give 5 minute presentations with 20 Power Point slides running on autoplay at 15 seconds per slide. Using this format will optimize information and time in a meaningful way for attendees without taking too much from already busy schedules.

Leah Daniels is our resident School Psychologist.
AIMS Web – AIMSweb is a data collection tool that we are currently using in the Lower School and may be looking to expand into the higher grades in the future.  This software allows staff to quickly and easily benchmark student performance in the areas of reading, writing and math at three points during the year.  AIMSweb will then analyze and provide data about student, classroom, and grade wide progress, in an effort to guide instruction and intervention.

Amy Bonner is an Upper and Middle School Art Teacher.
Amy presented on technology used in her stop motion animation unit for 8th grade. Instead of using a Keynote, Amy chose to make an iMovie video detailing what she does with her students. Students can create their projects using different mediums. Our middle school has a 1:1 iPad program, so students were able to experiment with both iMacs in our new Digital Art Lab and their iPad. Here is a list of the different tools Amy utilized for this project. As you will see almost all of the software is free!

SAM Animation program from Tufts University
Animation HD for iPad . There is a free lite version as well as a $1.99 paid version
iMovie, comes installed free on every Mac.
She also used Jing Screencasting software. There is both a free and paid version.

3 thoughts on “Tech. Tuesday’s at Allendale Columbia School

  1. I’m looking forward to the XCode demonstration. Maybe Ray can help us publish an HAC Howl app before the game at Harley.

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